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Winning Tradeplans Lead to Winning Traders

February 8, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Winning Tradeplans make Winning Traders!

I talk a lot about the power of the tradeplan when it comes to ongoing success as a trader.  Ultimately, we want to be able to treat our trading as a business and be very businesslike with our approach.  To do that, we NEED an effective tradeplan.  What’s more, we also have to BELIEVE in the tradeplan in order to be able to stay with it.  If we can do that, we will experience in increase in the value of our trade accounts.

Today, yet again, this idea proved its merit as we traded our plan to a very profitable outcome on most of our favorite markets.

  • The Russell eMini was one and done, hitting its goals in exactly ONE minute; + 4.3 points with our T2 and Trailer.  All new Equity Highs for the life of the TRADEPLAN
  • Crude Oil Futures; Two and Done this morning and then our bonus session, the Crude Oil Inventory Report was One and Done.  The Inventory Report Tradeplan gave us + .49 (T2 and Trailer); + $490.  CL is one winning session away from hitting all time record profit levels again.  Power of the TRADEPLAN
  • EURUSD was one and done with a remarkable and perfect trade; T1 + 23 pips, T2 + 31 pips, T3 + 39 pips, Trailer + 24 pips

These are just a few examples. The big point of course is that if you are NOT trading with a well tested tradeplan that you have belief and confidence in, chances are you are still struggling with your trading and will continue to struggle until you finally do what is necessary to GET and TRADE a well tested tradeplan that YOU can believe in.  That’s the key to success!

Today’s EURUSD Trade was One and Done


Crude Oil Inventory Report gave us a nice One and Done trade, hitting our tradeplan goals with the first trade


TF hit Record Profit Levels today and also was One and Done today, in and out of its first trade of the day within ONE minute.  Imagine telling your friends and family that you had a one minute work day today!


You can Swing Trade with the CPT, too.  Here’s a Daily Chart of AAPL and you can see how CPT is hitting all the best moves, including this last surge up as AAPL tests its all time highs


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