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Trading Profits Soar! Exciting Time to be Trading with the Counter Punch Trader

January 12, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Trading profits soaring!  How does 22 in a row sound?  That is, 22 winning sessions in a row with our traderoom tradeplan for the Russell eMini.  Usually this plan is done with the first or second trade.   In fact, since December 8th, the last losing session we had trading the TF (Russell), we’ve hit our profitable trading goals with 3 trades or less — usually less.  The week ending December 8th was the first week that the TF changed its point value from $100 per point to $50 per point so we expected some difficulties as the markets digested the change.  Since then, it has been a parabolic rise in equity growth with 22 winning sessions in a row, including of course, today, with this trade:

Today, the TF was one and done with this trade.  Since the beginning of 2017, the TF is winning at 83.3%, with our 8 tick range bar tradeplan, like we do in the live traderoom.  Perhaps more importantly, it has won 22 sessions in a row dating back to Dec 8th!


It’s not all about the TF, though.  Just about everything is trading magnificently well with the CPT.  The price action is great, whether its going up or down and since CPT is 100% price action based, many tradeplans are enjoying big equity run ups and new record profit levels nearly every day.

Crude Oil Futures has just won its 19th session in a row and if you add to that our ‘6th session of the week,’ our Inventory Report Session, its won 23 sessions in a row.  Today it hit record profit levels again.  In fact, since the beginning of 2017, CL is at a 70% clip, but has a 100% winning session rate.  It hasn’t had a losing session since Dec 15th!

Soybean Futures just won its 5th session in a row and hit record equity high profit levels for the life of its tradeplan, using the 5 tick momentum bar.  Best of all, this tradeplan only requires ONE trade per day.  Talk about efficiency!  While the crowd is struggling with one of the most difficult markets to trade, the ES, Counter Punch Traders are doing it differently, finding the ‘golden eggs’ where most traders don’t know where to look.  Soybeans trades like the ES in that it also is $50 per point and $12.50 per tick.  The difference is, our one and done tradeplan continues to grow equity and is as straight forward as it gets when it comes to growing your equity with minimal effort.

Today’s one and done Soybean Futures trade hit record profit levels again. Today, target 2 grabbed + 4.25 points.


These are just a few examples but its NOT just all about futures.  Forex is trading and trading well.  Equity trades are ringing the register, too.  Check out this GBPUSD daytrade, currently still going, that put this market on top today, hitting its profit goals for another winning session:

GBPUSD hit its T1 for + 52 pips and is still going.  We like to take 25% off at each target and let the trailer exit the rest.


Check out this AAPL swingtrade chart.  With the CPT, you can daytrade and swingtrade, futures, forex and stocks.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s all about price action and because of how the CPT is designed, it self tunes to market conditions, bar after bar.






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