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Trading Goals Hit as Tradeplans Continue to Win Across the Board

January 30, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Today was a great start to the week as we hit our trade goals on every chart we trade in the traderoom.  I’ve had a number of requests from ‘non CPT’ traders who have been curious about our live traderoom.  I don’t usually do this but today I thought I would post the entire traderoom session recording here on this blog.  We cover a lot of material like we normally do but you will also see the trades happen live, tradeplans that we’ve been trading without any changes for over two straight years,


  • Crude Oil Futures; one and done; + .22 with two positions
  • TF; one and done; + 8.5 points with two positions
  • Soybean futures; one and one; + 12.25 points with two positions
  • YM; two and done; + 62 points with two positions
  • EURUSD; one and done; + 81 pips and still trailing
  • GBPJPY 4 hour swingtrade chart; Over + 200 pips with the current trade that just closed out during today’s session.  See it in the video
  • DAX Futures; one and done; + 63.5 points (Euro Session)

These are just the charts and trades we covered in the traderoom.  There are many other charts and tradeplans one can trade that did very well today; Gold, ES, NQ, etc.

Check out a live Counter Punch Training Session with the above markets


013017 LiveSession from NetPicks on Vimeo.

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