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Trading for Consistent Income is all About Being Consistent

February 25, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

A look at today’s trades; same tradeplans we’ve been talking about all along.  I’ve also received some requests regarding other markets I don’t pay as close attention to, mostly due to personal preference.  Below are two screen shots of today’s trades using two charts I think are good for ES and US (ZB).

ES was one and done today using a 1976 tick chart which I think works well


30 Year TBond Futures can make for a nice tradeplan too.  Today, using a 610 tick chart it was also one and done


One and done tradeplans can go a long way in building your equity if you can practice consistency.  It’s also a great way to limit your risk exposure to the market, hang onto your hard earned gains while also, controlling drawdown.  Remember, if you can quit positive most of the time, and control your drawdown (risk exposure), you can achieve your financial goals. — Get the CPT now, while the prices are as low as they are.  The prices are going to be raised after this launch.

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