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Trading for a Living Requires Consistency and Persistency

February 22, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Trading for a Living is all about following a consistent winning tradeplan

If you want to be able to trade for a living, it is important to have a tradeplan that you believe in.  The only way to believe in a tradeplan is if you spend enough time with it to witness that it can continually perform and bank profits.  We continue to demonstrate that in our traderoom with some of our favorite tradeplans that continually prove themselves.  Consistency and persistence are the key ingredients to successful trading; trading that you can make a living with.

Check out today’s trades that had us in, out and hitting our goals quickly and efficiently, using our tried and true, completely tested and proven tradeplans.

The TF was one and done today, hitting its goals with the very first trade,  In and out within 11 minutes


The YM hit its goals today with its very first trade as well


The GBPUSD 5 Minute chart also hit its goals with the very first trade today



The EURUSD 5 minute chart hit its goals with its very first trade during the European Session today


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