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Tradeplans that Consistently WIN are the KEYS to Ongoing Trading Success

January 18, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Ongoing success comes from sticking to a disciplined and proven tradeplan.

Our CPT Tradeplans consistently win.  We’ve shown that for over two years.  We haven’t changed much since then, after all, if it ‘ain’t broke — don’t fix it!’

Today was another day where every single chart and tradeplan we follow in the traderoom was a winner and all new equity highs were reached, yet again.   In fact, nearly everything hit its goals on the very first trade except the Russell eMini which hit its goals on the 2nd trade.That’s what making money as a trader is all about, right?  Best of all, there were over 50 CPT members in the traderoom, witnessing, trading and enjoying the success of our strategy.

per, two positions; T2 and Trailer

  • Crude Oil: + .36
  • TF: + 10.4 points
  • YM; + 50 points
  • Soybean Futures; + 8.75 points
  • GBPUSD 5 min chart; + 114 pips (we take 25% off at each of three targets and trail the rest, see below)
  • EURUSD 5 min chart; + 46 pips (same method as GBPUSD)
Today’s GBPUSD Trade, per our tradeplan, was one and done for + 114 pips


A Completely different way to use the CPT is to use this 10 minute chart with the IWM (Russell ETF).  Take one trade per day, win or lose.  Check out yesterday’s trade.  Looks just like any other CPT trade.


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