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The Market Gives a Warm Welcome to Brand New CPT Owners Today in the Traderoom

February 8, 2016 — by Troy Noonan2

Some of our newest members (those who logged into the traderoom today), saw their very first live trade (Crude Oil Futures) trigger in and zoom directly to its Target 2 objective, hitting the tradeplan goals and finishing ‘one and done’ today, just how we showed it last week.  You couldn’t have written the script any better as the price failed right on the target before heading the other way, for + .28, $280.  We actually prefer it when it is NOT so perfect and actually goes through the target a bit, but we have no control over price action.  It just never ceases to amaze how accurate the CPT targets are.

Then, for the very 2nd trade, the Russell eMini triggered in and zoomed to all three of its targets for a ‘one and done’ homerun winner.  The YM needed two trades.  One hit the money mgt level for a 1 point gain while the 2nd trade zoomed to its full target and a ‘power of quitting’ session.  Power of Quitting is our dynamic goal setting strategy that we use that tells us when it is time to STOP trading and HOLD ONTO our PROFITS!

See Today’s CL trade that hit its target perfectly, and had us IN, OUT and DONE in a matter of 9 minutes for + 280 per contract



EMini Traders were also treated to a Fast and Efficient Session.  New members were able to witness the power of the Counter Punch Trader in a real live traderoom environment.  I suspect that any disbelief that they may have felt after our webinars last week, were put to rest in actual live market (can’t script it any better) trading.

See the TF trade that was One and Done right out of the gate this morning for a substantial gain; T2 gained + 4.5 for $450.  The entire trade was done in 10 minutes



The ES finished One and Done.  The NQ finished like the YM, needing a couple trades, depending on what chart one used, but also was quickly done with its session for nice gains.  Forex also produced some very nice and efficient winners today, both in the US and Euro Sessions.

It’s still NOT too late to get your hands on the Counter Punch Trader.  This strategy IS the real deal.  Come see it for yourself as we hold an informal LIVE Demo and Q & A this Wednesday at 12 noon, est.  Register Here.


  • Cameron

    February 9, 2016 at 12:49 am

    Does the strategy come with the live trading room?


    • Mark Soberman

      March 18, 2016 at 7:31 am

      Yes live training in the markets is included.


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