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Russell eMini also with Christmas Gifts in Abundance

December 24, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

Like Crude Oil this week, the Russell eMini won all five of its sessions as well this week, losing only one trade but winning six.  To end the week (today Friday) it got long right at the open and proceeded to hit all its targets and finish within seven minutes for record profit levels, using our 8 tick range bar tradeplan (my personal favorite).


Here’s a list of the Santa Claus rally in the Russell eMini; all the tradeplan’s trades for the week:

  • 12/19; 930 setup; long at 1366.6; exit T2 at 1369; T3 1369.9 = 5.7 = $285
  • 12/20; 930 setup; short at 1376.8; covered T2 at 1374.9; T3 at 1376.7 = + 2 for $100
  • 12/21; 930 setup; short at 1381.2; covered at 1383.3 = – 4.2 (-2.1 per position) for – $210
  • 12/21; 933 setup; long at 1383.3; exit T2 at 1385.9; T3 at 1383.9 = + 3.2 for $160
  • 12/21; 937 setup; short at 1383.9; covered T2 at 1382.6; T3 partial at 1382.6 = + 2.3 for $115
  • 12/21 Net = + $75 for poq goals
  • 12/22; 930 setup; short at 1374.9; covered T2 at 1372.6; T3 at 1371.7 = + 5.5 for $275
  • 12/23; 930 setup; long at 1364.6; exit at 1366.8; T3 1367.6 = + 5.2 for $260
  • Net Total for the Week; + 19.7 points for $985

Each trade had us in, out and done with our trading with very efficient setups.  Sure, there were plenty of other trades to be had in the Russell.  Many of them were great winners.  Some losers, too.  There’s always trades in the market.  We don’t care!  We’re only interested in our proven tradeplan trades because that is what consistently grows our equity.

This week the tradeplan equity curve grew and grew to all time record profit levels. That’s the theme we want to stay focused on.  That is the Counter Punch Trader way of trading.

No matter what anyone tells you ALL strategies and methods of trading will result in a random distribution of wins and losses.  That’s what trading is.  Yet by putting the odds on our side, we can make a business out of it and consistently grow our wealth.  What’s important is to not get caught up in all the hype and get rich quick and easy schemes and promises.  The road to your financial goals is a path of steady growth and the power of compounding.  Take what the market wants to give, quit with a positive result in your trade accounts on a majority of your sessions and control your drawdowns by sticking to your proven tradeplan.  Don’t let the random distribution of wins and losses take your hard earned gains.  Quit positive and go enjoy the rest of the day.  Do this consistently and you can achieve your financial goals.  You get to enjoy most of your time doing other things which in my mind, is why we are doing this in the first place.

Happy Holidays!



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