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DAX Futures Hits New Equity Highs for Life of Tradeplan

February 18, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

The DAX Futures is one of the most potent markets to daytrade.

The DAX Futures is one of the most potent markets to daytrade.  Our tradeplan which trades during the European trade hours, was one and done today hitting a all its targets for a trade that hit a record profit level for the life of the tradeplan, dating back nearly a year ago, March, 2015.

See the trade that had the DAX Futures banking €1337.50 and hitting All New Record Equity Highs for the Life of the Tradeplan, that has been going since last March 2015!

021716_DAX cp

Today was a great day to be a Counter Punch Trader.  All our favorite futures daytrade markets were one and done today, hitting their goals quickly and efficiently.  Our goal is to hit our Target 2 and be positive.  Of course, when we can do that on the very first trade, we are very happy, and are able to quit for the session ‘one and done.’

  • TF to T2; + 3.9 points for $390 per contract
  • YM to T2: + 27 points for $135 per contract
  • CL to T2; + .27 for $270 per contract
  • DAX to T2; + 53.5 points for €1337.50 per contract
  • Other markets were one and done too, like; ES, NQ, Cocoa Futures, Euro/US futures and others.  Same tradeplan, same approach, same everything.




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