Find your Trading Style — Different Strokes for Different Folks

February 25, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Finding one’s trading style is one of the most important yet understated key elements to ongoing successful trading.  So many traders try to force a particular style ‘onto themselves’ without realizing whether or not that style is best for them.

Let’s face it.  It’s difficult sometimes to know what the right style is.  In fact, it’s a testimony as to how hard it often is to know oneself.

We’ve been so enamored with the ongoing success of some of our favorite markets and charts that it is easy to forget just how many ‘other’ trade opportunities are available to us with the CPT.  This is such a versatile strategy that once mastered, it can be used in countless ways to help you find or augment YOUR personal trading style.

This is an example of a faster swing trade chart, for example.  We haven’t given nearly enough coverage to some of these types of chart.  It’s a 30 minute chart of the GBPUSD which provides for shorter, faster swing trades.  Slower charts can easily take over a trader’s life if not careful.  As you probably know by now, I’m a big proponent of trading to support a better lifestyle, not the other way around.  I don’t want to sleep with my laptop, for example.  I’m happily married for over 21 years and I assure you it’s not by sleeping with my computer.  Not going to happen in my house!  Nor do I want to pull off the road to manage a trade with my iPhone.

This tradeplan uses our ‘snapshot trading’ concept.  We only focus on trades that set up within a two hour period; 9 to 11 am, est.   I did point out the purple trade which happened during the earlier overseas’ market, just to show you what’s possible but the trades that this tradeplan triggered into were the 2nd and 3rd trades (the green trades).  Check it out below.

  • The custom Counter Punch Trader tradeplan of the GBPUSD 30 minute chart, using our snapshot trading technique has won 78.2% of it’s trades over the past 4 years, 390 trades
  • Profit Factor 1.91
  • Winning streaks over that time period of; 32, 21, 16, 15, 14, 12, 11 (consecutive winning trades)
  • Worst losing streak; 4 trades (only two times in four years!)
  • This tradeplan is found on the CPT Owner’s Club website along with many other productive, profitable tradeplans for various markets and timeframes
A short trade just triggered in and is currently in progress

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Are Psychological Key Price Levels Important with Certain Daytrade Markets?

September 10, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

Pay attention to major price levels and make minor adjustments around them.

We often talk about the importance of respecting certain ‘key levels’ when it comes to trading.  Especially in certain markets like the YM, CL, TF, some forex pairs, etc.  It’s a topic that often gets overlooked and when I talk about it with traders, their eyes will often just glaze over with boredom.

Certain psychological levels like throw roadblocks in the way of our trades sometimes and it happens more frequently than most people realize.  You can use this knowledge to your advantage if you know what to look for and how to make small ‘artsy’ adjustments.  In fact, we have reduced this subtle ‘artsy’ side of trading to a mechanical rule and actually enabled our Counter Punch trade calculator to make these adjustments for us.

Not convinced?  Check out today’s YM trade that used this concept perfectly, resulting in a ‘one and done’ tradeplan trade, quitting with a strong positive result for the day, week, and lifetime equity highs for the tradeplan.

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GBPJPY Swing Trade Progressing Nicely

September 2, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

Follow up to the Last Post and the Current GBPJPY Swing Trade

In the last post I spoke of the virtues (and pitfalls) of trading a slower 240 minute chart.  I talked about how it could take over your life if you don’t have the right plan.  Using a technique we call ‘snap shot trading’ helps rein in the time commitment element to trading this type of chart.  Here’s a follow up look at the GBPJPY trade that was just beginning to get underway in the last post.  With the right tools, it’s only necessary to check and manage this trade once or twice per day.  It literally takes minutes, not hours, and hours, and hours.  Let the trade do its thing.  You don’t have to ‘hover’ over it as if you could control the outcome.  You can’t nor should you want to.

This current GBPJPY swing trade, using a 240 minute (4 hour) chart is pushing up to it’s Target 3 level, + 673 pips).  It’s already quite profitable.  Now it’s just a question of how much.  Let the tradeplan do its thing.


There are plenty of opportunities to trade with this technique.  And you’re not limited to Forex.  In the next post, I’ll show you how you can use a unique swing trade chart, using ‘snap shot trading’ to trade equities; stocks, ETFs and Options.



A Close Look at Today’s Many Counter Punch Trader Day Trades

June 14, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

Take a close look at many different day trades of today, both futures and forex

This video is a look at today’s day trades. I look at many different markets including, DAX Futures, YM, TF, EURUSD, Euro Currency Futures, Wheat, Soybeans, Unleaded Gas, Cocoa and a forex swing trade chart. These are all trades from the Counter Punch Trader collection of tradeplans and is meant as just a random look at today’s trades.

Be sure to register for our upcoming Live Demo this Thursday Morning, June 16, 2016 at 9 am edt


Futures Day Trading the Day After the Counter Punch Summer Launch — Pt 2

June 13, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

Part 2 of the Day After our Summer Time Counter Punch Trader Launch Daytrades

Here is Part 2 of the Day After our Summer Counter Punch Trader Launch, this time focusing on the day’s futures trades.  This video walks through the session the very next day, Friday June 10th, looking at Crude Oil, Dow eMini (YM), Russell eMini (TF), Dax Futures, Gold and Heating Oil Futures.  You will see how efficient the Counter Punch is using our time tested, proven tradeplans for our signature ‘Get in, Get out, Get Done’ sessions.  This is how the Counter Punch Trader consistently grows equity by allowing the trader to quit positive on most sessions.  Then it’s just a matter of using the ‘power of compounding’ to grow equity.



Counter Punch Trader Forex Day Trades One Day After Summer Launch

June 12, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

A Look at the Day After's Forex Day Trades with a 5 Minute Chart

I wanted to post a video one day after the Summer Time Counter Punch Launch to show how consistent and effective this strategy is. This video is a thorough walk-thru of Friday’s forex day trades of two major forex pairs using the Counter Punch Trader and a 5 minute chart. This video is usually reserved for the private CPT Owner’s Club Training Website but I thought I’d share it with the public, here on the CPT Blog and YouTube.

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Live Russell eMini Trade Demonstrates the Importance of Belief in your Strategy

April 18, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

Live Russell eMini Trade Demonstrates the Importance of Belief in your Strategy

Belief in your trading strategy is absolutely critical for a trader’s ongoing success.  This video of my live Russell eMini trade, during a dull and choppy early part of the session on Option’s Expiration Day AND Tax Day, illustrates how easy it is to make trade decisions IF you are rock solid with your strategy.  A lack of confidence and belief could have ‘any ole trader’ doing all kinds of things in an attempt to influence the outcome of the trade, ultimately doing things that have nothing to do with the proven strategy.  I decided to post this recording because of all the interesting decisions I had to make along the way.  In the end, it was easy! Win or lose, I just had to follow the strategy and that’s it.  Once you have done the necessary foundation building that we teach in our Owner’s Club and live traderoom, it takes all of the pressure off of the trader as we merely just ‘lean on the system’ and let the odds work for us over time.



Quality Trades Always Outperform Quantity of Trades

March 23, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

We are always working on taking efficient, quality trades, quitting positive on most sessions and then that’s it.  We turn to other things that we enjoy in life.  One of the most efficient and straight forward tradeplans that I know of, is trading the Crude Oil Inventory Report each and every week.  There are many ways to trade Crude Oil and just as many reasons to want to trade it.  The best reason is that it typically moves so well, which results in good trades and the ability to quit positive most of the time.  That’s what we need to be consistently successful.  Quitting positive on most sessions is what we always strive for and is one of the obvious secrets to ongoing success.  Yet it alludes so many traders!

We treat the Inventory Report as a separate session, with its own start time, quitting goals, etc.  In essence, if you trade the CL Report, you literally have ‘6’ Crude Oil sessions per week; Mon thru Fri and the extra Inventory Release as an additional session.

But what if you wanted to really simplify your life?  What if you could JUST trade the CL Inventory Report and grow your equity to such a level, that you literally only need to trade for that one brief window of time, once per week, as your ongoing, ever growing, trade business operation?  In other words, your business is only open for a short time, once per week.  The reliability that our tradeplan gives us, trading the Crude Oil Inventory Report, literally makes a strong argument to ONLY do that and nothing else.

Take a look at the numbers:

  • Winning Percentage:  74%
  • Profit Factor: + 2.86
  • Avg Net Profit per Trade/Contract (all wins and losses): + $79.63
    • We have shown many times that if you could NET $50 per contract, per trade on average, that you could quickly build a $10,000 per month income for yourself and continue to grow it from there.  It’s all about the power of compounding!  
    • Trading the Crude Inventory Report is an extreme example of this idea, making nearly 60% MORE per trade than the $50 per contract example.  Best of all, it’s just one session per week!!  You see, less IS more!!
  • You don’t have to learn anything new.  It’s the same tradeplan we use on SO many charts, but it stacks the odds WAY in our favor by taking advantage of the reaction to this reliable news release, each and every week.
Check out last week’s trade that had us winning this session.  It was the, one and done.  Missing T2 by 1 tick qualifies as a complete winning trade in regards to OUR Power of Quitting Tradeplan.  Be disciplined!  Remember, the average NET trade (all wins and losses) is nearly $80 per contract.


The week prior, we won the session in just two trades.  See the example which explains in detail how and why we did it the way we did


The Crude Oil Inventory Report is a unique opportunity that we want to be able to take advantage.  And we can and do!  We trade it in the live CPT traderoom each week so you can learn it and see it in real time for yourself.

The minimalist trader, who recognizes the power of efficiency and the ‘less is more’ mentality, doesn’t really need anything else.  But many of us have more ‘trade’ in us and want to trade more than just this.  That’s fine too. The lesson we can take away from this example is how simplicity is the key to success. We can take this very same chart, copy, paste, and create a whole slew of tradeplans that use the same idea, with a multitude of symbols and charts.  Tight, concise tradeplans with start times, tangible goals that take what the market wants to give us, strong session win rates, and smart money management.  We can add a few power tools that come with the CPT strategy, like Trend Mode vs Standard Mode for example, smart scaling in and out opportunities, powerful trailing techniques, profit protection tools, etc., but the basic winning concepts remain the same and the tradeplans work the same way, as well.  The next example is a completely different market and chart yet the CPT fits and works because it takes advantage of the same smart concepts that stack the right elements on our side which in turn, puts the odds in our favor, each and every trade so that we can quit positive on most sessions, grow our equity and employ the power of compounding to reach our financial goals.

Here’s a look at today’s GBPUSD 5 min Chart Using Trend Mode.  It was one and done today for well over 100 pips of profit.  I recommend scaling out 25% at each target, and trailing the rest.  You can see from this example of today’s US Session how well it works.  The Euro Session posted similar results.  Moreover, it works on Tradestation, Ninja Trader, MT4 and TOS.


This exact approach works on so many different charts:

  • DAX Futures are on a huge session to session win streak, winning the last 18 sessions in a row, requiring just one or two trades to hit our tradeplan goals.
  • eMini’s are all poised to make huge gains this year on the heals of a very profitable 2015 and 2014.  Other futures, too; Gold, Nat Gas, Grains, Softs, etc..
  • Other Forex Pairs, different timeframes from daytrading to swingtrading also hitting on all cylinders.  I just showed you today’s GBPUSD 5 minute chart which has been winning at a strong 75% win rate these past 6 weeks, but you can also get great success with 15 minute charts, 30 minute charts and more using our innovative ‘snap shot’ trading approach which only has looking for trades on these slow but steady charts, a few hours per day.  Remember, we’re all about ‘improved lifestyle.’  That philosophy is build right into the Counter Punch Trader and all our tradeplans

To find out more and to see the Counter Punch Trader in action, during a LIVE Market Demonstration where we look at the most current trades, be sure to join us for our 24 hour Flash Sale happening This Week!

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As Simple as You Like it

September 26, 2015 — by Troy Noonan0

Simplicity is Ideal when trading.  Being able to make quick, decisive trades with the confidence and belief in your approach is essential. This is what Counter Punch gives us.  Our tradeplans are all designed with simplicity in mind and the tools are designed to do all the heavy lifting for us.

There are essentially three types of setups.  We explain them in great detail but to keep things very easy, we simply refer to them as the white trades, the green trades and the purple trades.  You can turn any of them on or off.  Some traders prefer to just isolate and specialize in one type of setup only.  This can be very effective and keeps things very simple and clean.

Here is an example of a chart that is specializing in just the Green Trade.  It’s a daily chart of the AUDUSD.  It takes about 2 minutes or less per day.  How much simpler can it get?  “Once a day, then walk away!”  This trade closed out with a total of + 925 pips.  Notice the accuracy of each target level.


Another aspect to “Keeping it Simple” is the whole idea of trading less in general.  Inexperienced traders seem to believe that you can make more money by trading more.  If you really drill down into this concept however, you typically learn that Less is More.

Trading more:

  • increases risk exposure to the market
  • It increases the risk of errors and mistakes
  • It increases the risk of giving back your profits, already in hand
  • It increases your time investment (time is money)
  • It increases the risk of ‘trader fatigue,’ which leads to all sorts of problems
  • it increases your trade costs, which are significant
  • It does not necessarily increase your profits.  Our studies continually show that the ‘avg net profit per trade,’ factoring in all wins in losses actually decreases in most cases, the more one trades.  This is a critical piece of information.
  • On the flip side, increasing one’s avg net profit per trade is how you increase your profits as a trader.  Then as you account grows, you merely increase your position size.  You do NOT have to trade more to make more money.
  • Work ‘Smarter no Harder’

Check out the exact same trade setup on the Dow eMini.  This trade finished off a very successful week for us.  The tradeplan itself was ‘one and done.’  Learn the setup once but then use it on all the best trading charts.


Keep it simple!  Simple chart and less trades.  Trading less means ‘leaning on the power of the tradeplan‘ itself and letting the odds work in your favor.  As you grow your account, you just merely increase your position size, sticking to the smart, well thought out, risk to capital ratio that we teach in the training.  Still, there are ways to trade more while still trading less.  You can trade additional tradeplans in different markets and timeframes for example, sticking to the less is more strategy with each. You can also add simple swingtrades to your mix just like the example above.   You CAN keep things simple, trade less, keeping within the spirit of our very profitable philosophy and method, and still be able trade as much as your heart desires.

Keeping it simple is the mantra.  Less truly is more but you can still find plenty of trades while sticking with the theme.  This is one of the secrets to success and it is completely built into the Counter Punch Trader philosophy, training and method.