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Trading for a Living Requires Consistency and Persistency

February 22, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Trading for a Living is all about following a consistent winning tradeplan

If you want to be able to trade for a living, it is important to have a tradeplan that you believe in.  The only way to believe in a tradeplan is if you spend enough time with it to witness that it can continually perform and bank profits.  We continue to demonstrate that in our traderoom with some of our favorite tradeplans that continually prove themselves.  Consistency and persistence are the key ingredients to successful trading; trading that you can make a living with.

Check out today’s trades that had us in, out and hitting our goals quickly and efficiently, using our tried and true, completely tested and proven tradeplans.

The TF was one and done today, hitting its goals with the very first trade,  In and out within 11 minutes


The YM hit its goals today with its very first trade as well


The GBPUSD 5 Minute chart also hit its goals with the very first trade today



The EURUSD 5 minute chart hit its goals with its very first trade during the European Session today


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A Closer Look at Some of the Most Profitable Day Trading Markets

February 21, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

The most profitable Day Trading Markets

This video will show you the most profitable markets that we like to trade, taking a close look at the trades from today. I will give you a quick overview of how we trade these markets using the Counter Punch Trader where you can see the trades clearly printed on the chart from start to finish using tried and true tradeplans that continue to produce steady, consistent results.

Take a Look at some of today’s trades which show some of the most profitable day trading markets that you should be focusing on

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Trading the Crude Oil Inventory Report Wins about 73% of the Time

February 15, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

The Crude Oil Inventory Report is one of my favorite sessions of the week. Today we were finished in a matter of minutes which is pretty typical of this high percentage winning tradeplan.

Here’s is today’s live Crude Oil Inventory Report Session.  In the prior post you will find last week’s session.  I wanted to put two back to back, so that you can see the consistency in which we trade with the Counter Punch Trader.

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DAX Futures and Other Great Trading Markets

February 14, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

We haven’t talked about DAX Futures.  Today it hit its goals with the very first trade, hitting all three target levels.  It was as straight forward as it gets.  Notice the structure on the chart, the entire trade perfectly laid out with all the information one needs to place a trade.  This is a tradeplan that has been going the same way for over two straight years.

DAX Futures Gained + 19 points at €25 Euros per point today, hitting its goals with its very first trade today


Since the US Election, markets have been providing great price action and our proven tradeplans have been producing many ‘One and Done’ sessions where are profit goals have been hit with the very first trade.  Some sessions take a few more trades to hit our goals but most importantly, we can consistently quit our daily trading with more equity than we started, which is how we grow our accounts and hit our financial goals.  Here’s a look at some more trades from today’s session.  Notice how they all pretty much look the same, work the same, utilize the same techniques, etc.  That’s because CPT is dynamic and adjusts to the chart and instrument being traded.

The TF hit its goals with the very first trade today


The GBPUSD 5 minute chart hit its goals with the very first trade today


CL hit its goals with the very first trade today


EURUSD 5 minute chart hit its goals with the very first trade today


Soybean futures hit its goals with the very first trade today


We started following a new YM Momentum Rangebar Chart in the traderoom which has been performing great.  Today it hit its goals with the very first trade with a perfect target


In fact, check out what this very chart produced the 2nd day we watched it.  It also hit its goals (and THEN some) with its very first trade for a one and done session


Ever trade Heating Oil Futures?  It’s very dynamic and produces great trades due to its volatility.  Today it hit its goals with the very first trade and was one and done.  Heating oil trades at $4.20 per tick and could be a great choice for smaller trade accounts.


CPT works equally as well on swingtrade charts as well.  Today in the traderoom, we watched as AAPL hit its Target 3 in live time.  Notice all the trades leading up to its current run at its all time record high price level


This 4 hour Forex Swingtrade chart has won 88% of its trades over the past SIX years.  Best of all, we only look at two bars per day for setups so that this timeframe can be manageable with a normal lifestyle.  Check out the current trade that just set up 30 minutes prior to writing this post.


Be sure to register for one of our upcoming Counter Punch Trader webinars as the CPT is going on SALE this month.




Show charts for AAPL, YM, HO,








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Trading for a Living Requires a Few Key Things

February 10, 2017 — by Troy Noonan1

Trading for a living doesn't have to be complicated but it does require some basic business practices and acumen.

If you are serious about trading for a living, it’s important to focus on a small list of ‘best practices,’ and running your trading the same as if you were running a business.  In fact, it IS a business.  You need to be the CEO of your trading business.  It’s a concept we talk about all the time in the Counter Punch Trader traderoom.

If I had to name the top ten essential things that are non negotiable, must have items, it would be these things:

  1. Dynamic Strategy that doesn’t try to do too much (identifies high percentage setups)
  2. Choosing the right chart(s) and market(s)
  3. Sufficient capital
  4. Well researched, understood, effective Tradeplan
  5. Proper Money Management
  6. Sufficient skill and ability for proper, near flawless trade execution (practice)
  7. Best trading tools (computer, internet, platform)
  8. Clearly defined goals (consistently take what the market wants to give you)
  9. Sufficient Belief in what you are doing (training)
  10. Discipline and confidence

For me, it’s about staying focused on my modest goals.  My number one goal is to be able to quit with a positive result on “most’ sessions while controlling my drawdowns.  I accomplish this with minimal trading and proper money management.  As my account and equity grows, I increase my position size accordingly.  Trading more is not the answer for growing equity.  I guess I should have put patience on the list as well.  It takes time to grow one’s equity but all businesses need time to grow.  The beauty of this is that we don’t have to trade more to make more.  We just use our money management plan to increase our position size as our account grows and like this, we can hit our financial goals without too much risk exposure or massive time commitment.

You see many examples on this blog showing ‘one and done’ examples.  That’s because we are following the key concepts on the above list; effective tradeplans, goals, etc.  Our plans are taking what the market wants to give us and hitting their goals with the very first trade.  Thus, one and done.  This doesn’t happen everyday and sometimes we have to take a few more trades but always within the rules and context of our plan.  We never have to guess IF and WHEN to take a trade.

YM finished One and Done with this Dynamic Momentum Range Bar Chart; Grabbing + 123 points with two positions


Our Soybean Futures Tradeplan is literally, a One and Done Plan, Win or Lose


EURUSD today was a perfect example of taking what the market wants to give us with its One and Done Session, grabbing 12 pips (10 pips after spread costs).  That’s all the market had for us but it was enough to hit our goals.  The other day we had a +100 pips trade.  Steady equity growth, and quitting positive a majority of the time is what achieves our financial goals as traders.  That’s what trading for a living is all about.


If you can execute one trade per day, win or lose, and stick to the tradeplan — basically running your trading business the same way each and every morning, your odds for ongoing success would be as high as it can be, putting you in a very advantageous position for ongoing equity growth.  Can you envision yourself running a part time trading business?  That is what trading for a living is all about.

Make sure to register for the upcoming Counter Punch Trader webinar where we will be discussing how to trade for a living and beat the markets on a consistent, ongoing, equity growing track.

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Winning Tradeplans Lead to Winning Traders

February 8, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Winning Tradeplans make Winning Traders!

I talk a lot about the power of the tradeplan when it comes to ongoing success as a trader.  Ultimately, we want to be able to treat our trading as a business and be very businesslike with our approach.  To do that, we NEED an effective tradeplan.  What’s more, we also have to BELIEVE in the tradeplan in order to be able to stay with it.  If we can do that, we will experience in increase in the value of our trade accounts.

Today, yet again, this idea proved its merit as we traded our plan to a very profitable outcome on most of our favorite markets.

  • The Russell eMini was one and done, hitting its goals in exactly ONE minute; + 4.3 points with our T2 and Trailer.  All new Equity Highs for the life of the TRADEPLAN
  • Crude Oil Futures; Two and Done this morning and then our bonus session, the Crude Oil Inventory Report was One and Done.  The Inventory Report Tradeplan gave us + .49 (T2 and Trailer); + $490.  CL is one winning session away from hitting all time record profit levels again.  Power of the TRADEPLAN
  • EURUSD was one and done with a remarkable and perfect trade; T1 + 23 pips, T2 + 31 pips, T3 + 39 pips, Trailer + 24 pips

These are just a few examples. The big point of course is that if you are NOT trading with a well tested tradeplan that you have belief and confidence in, chances are you are still struggling with your trading and will continue to struggle until you finally do what is necessary to GET and TRADE a well tested tradeplan that YOU can believe in.  That’s the key to success!

Today’s EURUSD Trade was One and Done


Crude Oil Inventory Report gave us a nice One and Done trade, hitting our tradeplan goals with the first trade


TF hit Record Profit Levels today and also was One and Done today, in and out of its first trade of the day within ONE minute.  Imagine telling your friends and family that you had a one minute work day today!


You can Swing Trade with the CPT, too.  Here’s a Daily Chart of AAPL and you can see how CPT is hitting all the best moves, including this last surge up as AAPL tests its all time highs


Be sure to register for our upcoming CPT Release Event happening this month.


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Russell eMini on Fire — New Record Profit Levels Again

February 3, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

The Russell eMini put on another show for us this week, winning 8 out of 10 trades and all new equity highs for the life of the traedeplan AND going one and done today for + 2.9 points today (T2 and Trailer).  I was personally finished with my trading in less than 4 minutes.  What’s more, since the Russell eMini cut their point value in half, from $100 to $50 per point, it has been winning at a 72% rate using our 8 tick range bar tradeplan while also winning each session at a whopping 88% rate.  Out of the last 42 sessions (since the revalue of the point value), our plan has won 36, lost 5 (mostly the first week of the change) and had a break even session as well.

No one knows when the fun will end but it’s a ‘brave new world’ we are faced with as traders and the only thing I expect these days is the unexpected.  The Russell eMini has typically struggled for us as traders the first 4 months of the year in recent years but so far this year is the total opposite.  It’s been a great trade and I’ll take a 4 minute session and the ability to hit our goals with the very first trade each and every time.  Remember, we want to keep our eyes on the prize and trade to quit positive a majority of the time, growing our equity on a steady basis while controlling drawdown.  As tempting as it is to keep trading, I constantly remind myself why I’m doing this in the first place, staying professional and letting my position size grow as my equity grows.  That’s what it’s all about.  That’s what making money as a trader looks like.

Today’s One and Done Russell eMini trade


Other Strong Finishers Today:

  • Soybean Futures; this One and Done Tradeplan was 4 out of 5 this week, hitting its full target today and all new equity highs.  T2 and Trailer made + 7.5 points today.
  • Crude Oil Futures; Hit our goals with the first trade today so also one and done.  T2 and Trailer made + .32 today and sitting just below its all time record profit level for life of the tradeplan.  We’re expecting a big year with CL and the CPT.
  • YM has been a more erratic chart for the past few months but it just ran off a strong week, winning all five sessions and is also sitting just below all time equity highs.  Today, T2 and Trailer posted + 33 points, winning 2 out of 3 trades to hit its goals.
  • Other markets were also strong finishers this week with a quick and efficient session;
    • NQ went 2 out of 3 today to hit its goals
    • Heating Oil Futures hit its goals with 2 trades this morning for triple digit gains
    • While I’m not a fan of trading forex on NFP day, EURUSD did go one and done today as well.
    • Gold Futures hit their goals today with 2 trades once the NFP results settled down
    • Euro Currency Futures were one and done today
    • Unleaded Gas Futures like Heating Oil, hit triple digit gains with two trades this morning
  • Swing Trades also Hitting Targets
    • GBPJPY 4 Hr Chart has been a star for the past 6 years, winning at an 88% clip.  The last trade was a winner, gaining over + 200 pips
    • AAPL Daily chart just won the last three in a row — all long trades as I’m sure you can imagine
    • Those seeking a more active swing trade chart would be very happy trading AAPL with a 195 minute chart
    • Many traders are enjoying a slower moving daytrade chart, using 10 minute charts with stock index ETFs like the SPY, QQQ or IWF and flipping weekly options as a daytrade.
    • Others are using the different types of renko bar charts now available in Ninja 8 and Tradestation 9.5 and getting spectacular results.
  • The important thing is to find your style, trade the appropriate chart(s) that’s best for you, and using the effective principals and setups of the Counter Punch Trader to steadily grow your equity and the results of your ‘trading business.’


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Trading Goals Hit as Tradeplans Continue to Win Across the Board

January 30, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Today was a great start to the week as we hit our trade goals on every chart we trade in the traderoom.  I’ve had a number of requests from ‘non CPT’ traders who have been curious about our live traderoom.  I don’t usually do this but today I thought I would post the entire traderoom session recording here on this blog.  We cover a lot of material like we normally do but you will also see the trades happen live, tradeplans that we’ve been trading without any changes for over two straight years,


  • Crude Oil Futures; one and done; + .22 with two positions
  • TF; one and done; + 8.5 points with two positions
  • Soybean futures; one and one; + 12.25 points with two positions
  • YM; two and done; + 62 points with two positions
  • EURUSD; one and done; + 81 pips and still trailing
  • GBPJPY 4 hour swingtrade chart; Over + 200 pips with the current trade that just closed out during today’s session.  See it in the video
  • DAX Futures; one and done; + 63.5 points (Euro Session)

These are just the charts and trades we covered in the traderoom.  There are many other charts and tradeplans one can trade that did very well today; Gold, ES, NQ, etc.

Check out a live Counter Punch Training Session with the above markets


013017 LiveSession from NetPicks on Vimeo.

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YM Cracks 20,000 — CPT Calls a Perfect Trade

January 25, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

The YM broke through the 20,000 level for the first time in the history of the universe and we were there to witness it in the live traderoom.  At that very moment, the CPT signaled a long trade which broke through and ran up to a perfect Target 2.  I snapped a screen shot at the time of the setup.  Here it is:

YM Breaks 20,000 for the first time and the CPT grabbed a trade with a long entry at 20001 for a perfect target


If you have been following along, you probably know that the cash market Dow broke 20,000 during the premarket action.  Futures lagged the cash market today and finally broke through around 9:54 cst.  Of course 20,000 is just a number and the only real significance other than its a new all time high is that it is also a big round number and tends to stand out as a mile stone.  The CPT didn’t know any of that and just indicated the next trade based on how and why it works.  It is quite the coincidence that the long setup was literally one tick above 20,000 but the fact that it went to a perfect target is not a surprise considering what we’ve already witnessed countless times with the CPT.

We are gearing up for our big 2017 relaunch of the CPT in February so stay tuned, check back in for details and don’t miss out on a chance to get this proven winning strategy, which by the way, is ‘loving’ (as are we) all of this ‘brave new world’ market volatility.