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Huge Daytrade Profits Today as Markets Sell Off After Big Gap Open

May 31, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Huge Daytrade Profits today. As the market sold off, our registers were ringing, green-a-ling-ding-ding!

I’ll keep it short and sweet as we took some nice profits today in the traderoom.  Everything was one and done with Soybean Futures being the only kid on the block who didn’t come to the party.  This NQ chart will tell the story of the type of trading we saw across the board.

NQ was One and Done Today with this Big Winner


For a different look and feel, check out today’s Crude Oil trade that also hit its goals on the very first trade.


Crude Oil has come alive again, after struggling with small trades the first part of 2017.  It has broken out of its tight range.  A look at the daily chart reveals why we had such small trade setups and why we are starting the see the type of trade we’ve grown to love and rely on with CL over the longer term.


Check back tomorrow.  I’m going to post a full Live Traderoom Video Replay.  This is typically a session that is reserved for the private Owner’s Club of the CPT.  Every now and then I like to share the recording with the general trading community, for anyone curious about what we do in there.  Counter Punch Trader, along with the traderoom access is now available for FREE to all Netpicks’ Inner Circle Members.  If you want to join our exclusive Trader’s Inner Circle, send me an email to

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Today’s Live Crude Oil Inventory Report trade

May 24, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Another Successful Crude Oil Inventory Report trading session. If it ain't broke don't fix it. This tradeplan keeps on winning and is my very favorite daytrade of the week.

I’ve posted a number of these lately, just to show how consistent the CPT is and how consistent WE are with sticking to a working and effective tradeplan.  This video is an excerpt from today’s live traderoom session.  Whether you’re trading CL or any other market, we approach our trading the same way, each and every time.  In other words, we stick to our proven tradeplans and let the odds (which are always stacked in our favor) do the heavy lifting.

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Daytrading for Steady Income

May 9, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Daytrading for steady income is a great reason to trade but it also is a great way at forcing us to improve our own self awareness.  A trader is not the same thing as a person trying to trade.  As people, we often want things and do things that are counter productive to creating a steady income trading.

It’s important to be steadfast and strong with our goals of trading for income.   The best way to achieve that is to be able to quit our trading sessions with a positive result a majority of the time while controlling our drawdown.  That’s sounds easy, right?  At least the idea is something we can agree to.  It’s a big Dah!, actually..

Why is it so hard for most people to achieve?  In a word — overtrading!  If you embrace the idea that ‘less is more’ you will have taken the first step towards achieving ongoing equity growth with minimal drawdowns — along with other benefits that are easy to understand like, less time needed. Time is money too, right?

This simple one and done plan, daytrading the NQ tells the same story.  It has won 73.5% of all its trades (and sessions) over the past 6 months, which is as far back as we can pull data for.



Notice the Avg Net Profit per trade.  If you can make $50 net, accounting for all wins and losses, you can grow that into a substantial income while you continually grow your position size over time.  Einstein was onto something, naming the power of compounding the 8th wonder of the world.  Let’s use that!

Learn more about this along with other proven successful money making trading tips by becoming a member of the exclusive Netpicks Inner Circle.

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This Week’s Crude Oil Inventory Report Live Traderoom Session Replay

May 4, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Counter Punch Trader is dynamic and has the unique ability to adjust itself in real time to market conditions. Markets have been extremely dry, with low volatility across the board. CPT handles it though as you can see in yesterday's live crude oil inventory report trading replay.

I thought I would share with you yesterday’s Crude Oil Inventory Report. This is how it went down, live in our traderoom.

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Counter Punch Xpress Daytrades from Today’s Session

March 10, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Some of Today's CPX Daytrades

The Counter Punch Xpress is an entry level version of the Counter Punch Trader. It is stripped down to just the setups. Of course the Owner’s Club is full of great training on how to use the setups along with time tested effective Tradeplans for specific markets.

Here’s a look at some of today’s trades using the basic CPX approach with some of our favorite, longest lasting tradeplans.


Find your Trading Style — Different Strokes for Different Folks

February 25, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Finding one’s trading style is one of the most important yet understated key elements to ongoing successful trading.  So many traders try to force a particular style ‘onto themselves’ without realizing whether or not that style is best for them.

Let’s face it.  It’s difficult sometimes to know what the right style is.  In fact, it’s a testimony as to how hard it often is to know oneself.

We’ve been so enamored with the ongoing success of some of our favorite markets and charts that it is easy to forget just how many ‘other’ trade opportunities are available to us with the CPT.  This is such a versatile strategy that once mastered, it can be used in countless ways to help you find or augment YOUR personal trading style.

This is an example of a faster swing trade chart, for example.  We haven’t given nearly enough coverage to some of these types of chart.  It’s a 30 minute chart of the GBPUSD which provides for shorter, faster swing trades.  Slower charts can easily take over a trader’s life if not careful.  As you probably know by now, I’m a big proponent of trading to support a better lifestyle, not the other way around.  I don’t want to sleep with my laptop, for example.  I’m happily married for over 21 years and I assure you it’s not by sleeping with my computer.  Not going to happen in my house!  Nor do I want to pull off the road to manage a trade with my iPhone.

This tradeplan uses our ‘snapshot trading’ concept.  We only focus on trades that set up within a two hour period; 9 to 11 am, est.   I did point out the purple trade which happened during the earlier overseas’ market, just to show you what’s possible but the trades that this tradeplan triggered into were the 2nd and 3rd trades (the green trades).  Check it out below.

  • The custom Counter Punch Trader tradeplan of the GBPUSD 30 minute chart, using our snapshot trading technique has won 78.2% of it’s trades over the past 4 years, 390 trades
  • Profit Factor 1.91
  • Winning streaks over that time period of; 32, 21, 16, 15, 14, 12, 11 (consecutive winning trades)
  • Worst losing streak; 4 trades (only two times in four years!)
  • This tradeplan is found on the CPT Owner’s Club website along with many other productive, profitable tradeplans for various markets and timeframes
A short trade just triggered in and is currently in progress

022517_gbpusd30 — grab your copy of the CPT while prices are still low.  Our February (early Spring special) is nearly over.  Click on this link for more information and to see our webinar demo.

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Trading for Consistent Income is all About Being Consistent

February 25, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

A look at today’s trades; same tradeplans we’ve been talking about all along.  I’ve also received some requests regarding other markets I don’t pay as close attention to, mostly due to personal preference.  Below are two screen shots of today’s trades using two charts I think are good for ES and US (ZB).

ES was one and done today using a 1976 tick chart which I think works well


30 Year TBond Futures can make for a nice tradeplan too.  Today, using a 610 tick chart it was also one and done


One and done tradeplans can go a long way in building your equity if you can practice consistency.  It’s also a great way to limit your risk exposure to the market, hang onto your hard earned gains while also, controlling drawdown.  Remember, if you can quit positive most of the time, and control your drawdown (risk exposure), you can achieve your financial goals. — Get the CPT now, while the prices are as low as they are.  The prices are going to be raised after this launch.

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Learn it Once — Use it for a Lifetime

February 23, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

The CPT is designed so that a trader can learn it once and then use it forever.  It is super versatile and can be effective on many different markets, charts, timeframes, styles of trading, etc.

Today we used the same strategy and approach (as we always do) to not only daytrade our favorite futures markets at the start of the session, but then to also take our favorite specialty trade after the Crude Oil Inventory Report.  See below for the examples.  I have also shown you some other trades from today on a variety of different charts and markets; forex, ETFs, Swing trade charts, 10 minute charts, and custom renko charts.  Learn it once, use it for a lifetime.

We’re running a promotion on the CPT.  To find out more, please visit our presentation video here.

My favorite trade of the week, the Crude Oil Inventory Report, hit its goals with the very first trade and was one and done within 2 minutes



Earlier in the session, our typical morning Crude Oil tradeplan was also one and done. for a perfect scalp trade and new equity highs for the lifetime of the tradeplan



My other favorite market to trade, the Russell eMini also hit its goals with the very first trade and was one and done with this perfect target trade — in and out in ONE minute



This GBPUSD 5 minute chart is traded in the live traderoom (as are the above charts).  Today it finished with its goals in two trades.



We’ve been getting a lot of requests for more swing trade examples.  CPT is great for swing trading.  Commodity ETFs tend to trend very well.  This Silver ETF trades at a very low price with high volume, low cost options and has won 70% of its trades over the past 10 years.



This 10 minute chart of the Russell ETF, the IWM, shows the versatility of the CPT.  We have traders using this chart to daytrade weekly options for great leverage, controlled risk, simplicity and consistent performance.



To further show the versatility of the CPT, some traders are using these custom renko charts with the SPY to also daytrade weekly options.  These charts also work great with futures and forex.


There’s never been a better time to get involved with one of the most effective and profitable trading systems we have ever used.  The markets are on fire with no end in sight. Learn the CPT once, and use it for a lifetime!

To find out more, please visit our presentation video here.