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Crude Oil Inventory Report Wins Again — and FAST

January 19, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Take a look at MY personal favorite trade of the week, the Crude Oil Inventory Report trade with the CPT.

Every week we look forward to the release of the Crude Oil Inventory Report, one of our favorite tradeplans of the week.  It’s quite straight forward actually.  We let the report come out, wait two minutes, and then let the CPT show us the trade we should be in.  As it turned out, I took a short trade this morning which executed 3 and 1/2 minutes after the release of the report.  Approximately 2 1/2 minutes later, it was hitting its two profit targets as well as stopping out with the CPT Profit Protection Trailing Stop.  Like this we can trade multiple positions to higher percentage, accurate targets while also protecting our profits as the trade progresses.

Today’s Crude Oil Inventory Report was ‘one and done’ today, hitting its goals with the very first trade.  All in all, we were in the market for 2 1/2 minutes.  If only I played golf, it would be about that time!


Traders who join the CPT program learn exactly how we trade the Crude Oil Inventory Report each and every week.  In fact, on normal weeks (non holiday shortened weeks), we actually trade this live in the CPT traderoom.  It’s the best way to learn and I would highly encourage you to consider it.  This is a long running successful tradeplan and as you can see from the example, it’s as straight forward as it gets when it comes to successful consistent trading.

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Tradeplans that Consistently WIN are the KEYS to Ongoing Trading Success

January 18, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Ongoing success comes from sticking to a disciplined and proven tradeplan.

Our CPT Tradeplans consistently win.  We’ve shown that for over two years.  We haven’t changed much since then, after all, if it ‘ain’t broke — don’t fix it!’

Today was another day where every single chart and tradeplan we follow in the traderoom was a winner and all new equity highs were reached, yet again.   In fact, nearly everything hit its goals on the very first trade except the Russell eMini which hit its goals on the 2nd trade.That’s what making money as a trader is all about, right?  Best of all, there were over 50 CPT members in the traderoom, witnessing, trading and enjoying the success of our strategy.

per, two positions; T2 and Trailer

  • Crude Oil: + .36
  • TF: + 10.4 points
  • YM; + 50 points
  • Soybean Futures; + 8.75 points
  • GBPUSD 5 min chart; + 114 pips (we take 25% off at each of three targets and trail the rest, see below)
  • EURUSD 5 min chart; + 46 pips (same method as GBPUSD)
Today’s GBPUSD Trade, per our tradeplan, was one and done for + 114 pips


A Completely different way to use the CPT is to use this 10 minute chart with the IWM (Russell ETF).  Take one trade per day, win or lose.  Check out yesterday’s trade.  Looks just like any other CPT trade.


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Trading Profits Soar! Exciting Time to be Trading with the Counter Punch Trader

January 12, 2017 — by Troy Noonan0

Trading profits soaring!  How does 22 in a row sound?  That is, 22 winning sessions in a row with our traderoom tradeplan for the Russell eMini.  Usually this plan is done with the first or second trade.   In fact, since December 8th, the last losing session we had trading the TF (Russell), we’ve hit our profitable trading goals with 3 trades or less — usually less.  The week ending December 8th was the first week that the TF changed its point value from $100 per point to $50 per point so we expected some difficulties as the markets digested the change.  Since then, it has been a parabolic rise in equity growth with 22 winning sessions in a row, including of course, today, with this trade:

Today, the TF was one and done with this trade.  Since the beginning of 2017, the TF is winning at 83.3%, with our 8 tick range bar tradeplan, like we do in the live traderoom.  Perhaps more importantly, it has won 22 sessions in a row dating back to Dec 8th!


It’s not all about the TF, though.  Just about everything is trading magnificently well with the CPT.  The price action is great, whether its going up or down and since CPT is 100% price action based, many tradeplans are enjoying big equity run ups and new record profit levels nearly every day.

Crude Oil Futures has just won its 19th session in a row and if you add to that our ‘6th session of the week,’ our Inventory Report Session, its won 23 sessions in a row.  Today it hit record profit levels again.  In fact, since the beginning of 2017, CL is at a 70% clip, but has a 100% winning session rate.  It hasn’t had a losing session since Dec 15th!

Soybean Futures just won its 5th session in a row and hit record equity high profit levels for the life of its tradeplan, using the 5 tick momentum bar.  Best of all, this tradeplan only requires ONE trade per day.  Talk about efficiency!  While the crowd is struggling with one of the most difficult markets to trade, the ES, Counter Punch Traders are doing it differently, finding the ‘golden eggs’ where most traders don’t know where to look.  Soybeans trades like the ES in that it also is $50 per point and $12.50 per tick.  The difference is, our one and done tradeplan continues to grow equity and is as straight forward as it gets when it comes to growing your equity with minimal effort.

Today’s one and done Soybean Futures trade hit record profit levels again. Today, target 2 grabbed + 4.25 points.


These are just a few examples but its NOT just all about futures.  Forex is trading and trading well.  Equity trades are ringing the register, too.  Check out this GBPUSD daytrade, currently still going, that put this market on top today, hitting its profit goals for another winning session:

GBPUSD hit its T1 for + 52 pips and is still going.  We like to take 25% off at each target and let the trailer exit the rest.


Check out this AAPL swingtrade chart.  With the CPT, you can daytrade and swingtrade, futures, forex and stocks.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s all about price action and because of how the CPT is designed, it self tunes to market conditions, bar after bar.






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Year Ends of a Very High Note — Record Profits, Many Markets and Charts

December 30, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

Strong gains across the board to end the year

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post.  The Russell eMini ended it’s session, one and done, hitting its goals with its first trade of the day, winning its 15th session in a row and finishing the year with all new record profit levels.  Can’t ask for more than that!


  • Crude Oil Futures win the last 16 of 18 Trades

Crude Oil Futures also ended with another winning session to end the year at new record profit levels.  It was a modest gain on a slow day, hitting two target ones and then stopping out at profit protection levels on the first two trades.  That had us taking what the market wanted to give us and quitting positive for the 12th session in a row, or 15th session in a row when including our extra Crude Oil Inventory Report Session which won again yesterday (see video in prior post).  Target 2 traders were up + 1.46, $1460 per contract and have won 16 of the last 18 trades.  That’s a great way to end the year!

Other Highlights to our last session of the year:

  • EURUSD continues to give us good trades during the US Session, going one and done again today for + 35 pips
  • GBPUSD also was one and done for its final session of the year, hitting all three of its targets and adding even more with a nice running trailer.





  • Soybean Futures ended on a high note today, too.  It was a slow starter but ultimately one its ‘one and done’ trade, winning the last 6 out of 7 sessions to end the year strong.
  • YM gave us a nice winner as well, finishing one and done per its ongoing tradeplan; + 21 points to T2
  • NQ was one and done today to end the year on a strong note as well.
  • Soybeans still going as of this post


  • YM


  • NQ


  • AAPL daily chart gave a nice swing trade Christmas dividend as well with this winner to end the year:


  • GBPJPY 4 hr Swing trade chart wins again, 14 of last 15 trades and record profit levels


The big message I’d like everyone to take away from these examples is that if you look closely, you’ll notice how ‘the same’ each chart looks.  We are using the same setups on all these charts, trading them the same way, following the same guidance and structure.  Notice how on all these very different markets, we are able to make efficient work of our tradeplans, typically finishing each session quickly and profitably.  Our philosophy is to grow our equity by being able to quit positive on MOST sessions while controlling our drawdowns. We treat our swing trading the same way using the great CPT setups and combining them with tradeplans that tell us when and how to trade each chart.

We are looking forward to a prosperous 2017.

Happy New Year!!





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Santa Claus Rally Continues; Crude Oil Inventory Report Another Stellar Session

December 29, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

Our Crude Oil Inventory Report tradeplan continues to win, win, win, ending this year with yet another win.

Crude Oil has been HOT and our tradeplan is on a 2 week winning streak, hitting record profit levels again. In this video, watch how I handled trading the Crude Oil Inventory Report, which is one of my favorite trades each week, and for good reason. This strategy is winning nearly 75% of the time using this approach.

Also see how the EURUSD did today along with my other favorite market, the Russell eMini. It’s a brave new world we find ourselves in and whether you like it or not, for sure we can expect some great trading in 2017. The CPT is poised to take advantage of the price action and I am predicting a banner year, regardless of whether the markets go up or down.

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Russell eMini also with Christmas Gifts in Abundance

December 24, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

Like Crude Oil this week, the Russell eMini won all five of its sessions as well this week, losing only one trade but winning six.  To end the week (today Friday) it got long right at the open and proceeded to hit all its targets and finish within seven minutes for record profit levels, using our 8 tick range bar tradeplan (my personal favorite).


Here’s a list of the Santa Claus rally in the Russell eMini; all the tradeplan’s trades for the week:

  • 12/19; 930 setup; long at 1366.6; exit T2 at 1369; T3 1369.9 = 5.7 = $285
  • 12/20; 930 setup; short at 1376.8; covered T2 at 1374.9; T3 at 1376.7 = + 2 for $100
  • 12/21; 930 setup; short at 1381.2; covered at 1383.3 = – 4.2 (-2.1 per position) for – $210
  • 12/21; 933 setup; long at 1383.3; exit T2 at 1385.9; T3 at 1383.9 = + 3.2 for $160
  • 12/21; 937 setup; short at 1383.9; covered T2 at 1382.6; T3 partial at 1382.6 = + 2.3 for $115
  • 12/21 Net = + $75 for poq goals
  • 12/22; 930 setup; short at 1374.9; covered T2 at 1372.6; T3 at 1371.7 = + 5.5 for $275
  • 12/23; 930 setup; long at 1364.6; exit at 1366.8; T3 1367.6 = + 5.2 for $260
  • Net Total for the Week; + 19.7 points for $985

Each trade had us in, out and done with our trading with very efficient setups.  Sure, there were plenty of other trades to be had in the Russell.  Many of them were great winners.  Some losers, too.  There’s always trades in the market.  We don’t care!  We’re only interested in our proven tradeplan trades because that is what consistently grows our equity.

This week the tradeplan equity curve grew and grew to all time record profit levels. That’s the theme we want to stay focused on.  That is the Counter Punch Trader way of trading.

No matter what anyone tells you ALL strategies and methods of trading will result in a random distribution of wins and losses.  That’s what trading is.  Yet by putting the odds on our side, we can make a business out of it and consistently grow our wealth.  What’s important is to not get caught up in all the hype and get rich quick and easy schemes and promises.  The road to your financial goals is a path of steady growth and the power of compounding.  Take what the market wants to give, quit with a positive result in your trade accounts on a majority of your sessions and control your drawdowns by sticking to your proven tradeplan.  Don’t let the random distribution of wins and losses take your hard earned gains.  Quit positive and go enjoy the rest of the day.  Do this consistently and you can achieve your financial goals.  You get to enjoy most of your time doing other things which in my mind, is why we are doing this in the first place.

Happy Holidays!



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Crude Oil Lines our Stockings with Perfect Week of Trading

December 23, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

Our Crude Oil Futures tradeplan delivered a perfect Christmas week for us winning 100% of all its trades this past Monday through Friday, hitting record life of tradeplan profit levels.  This morning, while the markets traded slowly on the final trading day before Christmas weekend, it was still one and done, getting into a long trade that went to a perfect target before heading south.  That one trade, like every session this week, hit our ‘power of quitting’ goals signalling the end of the Crude Oil futures session — for us.  At least, for the tradeplan we do in the live traderoom.


Here’s a list of all the trades this week:

  • 12/19; 8:53 am est setup; long at 52.68.  exit T2 at 52.76; T3 52.84 = + .27 for $270
  • 12/20; 8:51 setup; long at 53.41; exit T2 at 53.40; T3 at 53.53 = + .21 for $210
  • 12/21; 8:51 setup; long at 53.51; exit T2 at 53.62; exit T3 for partial at 53.62 = + .22 for $220
  • 12/21; Crude Oil Inventory Report Trade; setup at 10:34; short at 53.27; covered T2 at 53.17; T3 at 53.13 = + .24 for $240
  • 12/22; 8:59 setup; long at 52.42; exit T2 at 52.53; T3 at 52.58 = + .27 for $270
  • 12/23; 8:53 setup; long at 52.37; exit T2 at 52.47; T3 at 52.38 = + .11 for $110
  • 6 Trades, two positions, netting + 1.22 for $1220

Each trade (and therefore each session) was finished in just a matter of minutes.  This is the CPT style of trading.  Combining great setups with smart, proven tradeplans and then using the power of quitting to know when to stop trading with our profits in hand and then, the power of compounding to build our equity over time so that we can reach our financial goals with great efficiency.  Meanwhile we stick to our philosophy of trading to enhance our lifestyle as opposed to having to adjust our lifestyle to cater to the market like so many other traders.

Happy Holidays!

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Dow eMini Daytrades Benefit from our Special Counter Punch Trader Filters

December 8, 2016 — by Troy Noonan0

See how we use effective filters to increase our win rate daytrading the Dow eMini (YM)

In this short video, I walk through the first two sessions of December 2016, with our long running daytrade plan of the YM with Counter Punch Trader. We use special filters to help eliminate setups with lower odds of success and these past two sessions are excellent examples. One of the filters we use, the HTChop Filter is quite effective in keeping us out of a losing trade. We give this filter away for free so if you are a user of Tradestation, Ninja Trader or MT4, please grab the free indicator here on this blog, complete with video training on how to use it.